Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I’ve been told my contract is ending soon. When does my position transition to the new contract? 

A: It is anticipated that all positions with the new contract will start in mid to late March 2024.

Q: When will I be contacted about a job offer?

A: Don’t wait for a job offer. Be proactive and contact us so we can begin the process. There is a large workforce to transition so it is best to communicate with us now.

 Q: Will I be offered medical benefits, paid vacation, and paid holidays?

A: Yes. Full time staff will be provided a comprehensive set of benefits, vacation, and holiday pay.

Q: Will I have to change offices or return my computer equipment?

A: For the vast majority of people, you will maintain your current location. Any equipment issued to you by your current employer will need to be returned to them. Any equipment issued to you by the Government will need to be administratively recorded on the property books as a transfer back to the Government and, in most cases, will be reissued immediately back to you.


Q: I have planned, approved leave from my current employer. May I still take leave?

A: In most cases this should not be an issue. We will work with everyone to obtain planned leave schedules and provide information on leave options under your employment status with the company.


Q: I have unique healthcare requirement. Who can I discuss this with privately?

A: We respect and protect your confidentiality. We have Benefits Specialists that you can speak with in private about any personal matters. An overview of Patriot’s available benefits is provided here: Patriot FASS Benefits Summary.


Q: My Common Access Card (CAC) will be expiring. What do I do?

A: Patriot Enterprises knows that your CAC will expire at the end for the current contract period.  We highly encourage you to schedule an appointment for your CAC renewal as soon as possible, as we understand this process is subject to delays.  Patriot Enterprises has already been in contact with the Government’s Security POC to assist with this transition.


Q:  I’m a Service Contract Act (SCA) employee and I have vacation time scheduled for after the start of the new contract.

A:  For SCA employees your current employer is required to pay out any vacation time that you have not utilized. Therefore, you will not have a vacation balance when you start with Patriot until you reach your seniority date. You will retain your seniority date from when you started on the contract, and you will receive accrued vacation hours from Patriot on your seniority date.


Q: I am pending my CNACI background check, but not working on site, what should I do?

A: If you are pending the CNACI, please apply for your position online and a member of our recruiting team will contact you.

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